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Welcome to, the place where readers who love a good story, well told meet. Join me on this amazing adventure with entertaining tales of growing up in the south, travels around the world and service in the military your favorite novels, poems, comics, and more. I’m here to help you discover fascinating aspects of Appalachia and my home state of Mississippi and maybe even inspire you to write your own.

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My First Car

I traded for my first car when I was thirteen. My first vehicle with four wheels was actually a truck. After almost two years of riding...

Stay Out of that Water Barrel!

The two years between age eight and ten was a wild and crazy stretch for me. I had an overactive imagination, plenty of energy, and...

Buenas Noches Coronel

It was the fall of 1980, and I was charging headlong into a new decade, young, full of optimism and busy as the dickens. It had taken a...

My Favorite Toy as a Child

Growing up, my siblings and I didn’t have many toys. Sticks became rifles, pinecones were hand grenades, and mud could be sculpted into...

God Love A Teacher

As 1973 ground to an uncelebrated end, ushering in an uncertain 1974, I stood shivering outside a small two story apartment complex, back...

Aunt Mary

Aunt Mary The summer before I turned nine, my aunt came to live with us. Her arrival was sudden and unplanned and gave me an education...

Another Snake Story

One hot day in early July, just after my birthday rolled around, I was surprised to discover that I definitely was faster than my two...

Ritz Crackers on the Cumberland River

My wife was making a casserole for dinner last night and Ritz crackers was one of the ingredients. This gave me all the excuse I needed...

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